Cranford Family Care has been helping neighbors since 1936 and is classified as a 5013c organization.

Cranford Family Care roots go all the back to the Great Depression when Central Relief was formed to help relieve local families in need of assistance. In 1936, the Trinity Episcopal Church, the Cranford Rotary Club and concerned citizens founded the Cranford Welfare Association, the primary objective of the association was to offer short-term assistance to Cranford residents in need.  In 1952, Cranford Welfare was changed to Cranford Family Care.  The word welfare carried some negative connotations, it inferred charity, relief, even a hand out, something they believed residents would shy away from. The name was changed to Cranford Family Care Association, Inc.

Cranford Family Care offers temporary emergency assistance to qualified Cranford residents in need. Director of Cranford Family Care, Kathy Willis, said, “Hardship can come in the form of a job loss, illness, or unforeseen events.” CFC’s philosophy is “neighbors helping neighbors”.  This is accomplished with dignity, anonymity and without judgment.  Families are allowed to come twice a month to the food pantry. Those in need of assistance must prove residency and fill out an application.

CFC has a 21 member board and is funded though Project Home of Cranford, United Way of Union County, service groups, religious organizations, schools in Cranford, business and fellow citizens.