Since 1988 Cranford residents and businesses have been contributing to Project Home to benefit Cranford Family Care.


Our Mission

Project Home of Cranford is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose fundraising dollars go solely to Cranford family care association, inc.  Project Home’s fundraising dollars assist Cranford families who are in danger of losing their Cranford residences due to crisis situations, such as job loss or catastrophic illness.

Cranford Family Care utilizes Project Home’s fundraising dollars by carefully screening and qualifying Cranford residents in need of assistance so that they can remain in the community. Project Home has several events throughout the year to raise money for Cranford family care. We run the annual town-wide garage sale, host a Ladies Night Out dinner, Monster Dash and many other events.

With your continued support, Project Home can continue to provide funds to Cranford Family Care and help residents remain in our wonderful and caring Cranford community.

“Cranford Family Care appreciates the support Project Home provides each and every year.”
— Kathy Willis, Cranford Family Care

What We've Achieved

  • Over the past 5 years, we have given $90,000 to Cranford Family Care

  • Ladies Night Out event every March

  • Monster Dash 5k was created in 2017

  • Annual mailing to all Cranford residents

  • Organizes the Town-Wide Garage sale every fall

  • Dunk-A-Cop fundraiser will be introduced August 2018 in conjunction with Cranford's National Night Out